Participatory culture and the New Media

The term Participatory culture might be new to some of you but surely many among you practice participatory culture in one way or the other. This blog post will unveil the meaning and usage of term also trying to explain the relationship between Social Media and Participatory culture.

Participatory culture is a defined as:

“The new forms of cultural production in which consumers can add contents, re-elaborate them and actively contribute to the mainstream media industry” Simona Tirocchi.

Examples include editing of an article on Wikipedia, uploading images to Facebook or Instagram, the uploading videos to YouTube and the creation of short messages on Twitter.

Henry Jenkins 60 Years old American Scholar and Professor of Communication have research on media convergence and participatory culture. As an academician his two books are published on the relevant topic.

He explains in his Theory of Participatory Culture as “A participatory culture is a culture with relatively low barriers to artistic expression and civic engagement, strong support for creating and sharing one’s creations”.

Participatory cultures grows from interest-based interactions and establishes norms for contributions and communication. They tend to grow in third spaces, around and outside of institutions where members bring together media-driven content in spaces that allow for the exchange of ideas.

My blog too is a form of Participatory culture. New media is the best way to share your thoughts and ideas. More precisely news is something which is getting more attention every passing day and it is predominant to be updated and informed.

People should be encouraged to participate as much as possible. We are the ones who have the responsibility to speak, stand and question. We live in a democratic society, having right to make things perfect for us.

Participatory culture helps you understand the worth of your words, to influence you to speak while social media provides the platform to post.

Listen how Henry Jenkins explores transition from old to new media:

Henry Jenkins talks about social media and participatory culture


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