Psychotic mother arrested after beating son on refusal to study

Mother of 9th class student arrested after beating his son in Hafizabad

Fifteen year old Hafizabad boy ended up in a hospital after refusing to study and was beaten brutally by his mother.

The mother is arrested after registering FIR on behalf of his Father on Monday. The video of the torture went viral on the Social Media. The boy is the student of 9th grade in Hafizabad and was saved by the neighbors and shifted to the nearest hospital.

It is to be noted that the women is allegedly abnormal and Psychotic according to the boy himself, and keeping such a person in home results in such terrible incidents one way or the other.

The news covered by the Television sets did not included the complete information which created insecurity and fright in kids and parents.

The case will be taken further, but it is worth mentioning here that there are numerous such cases which are not reported to the right places on the right time.

A proper initiative needs to be taken by the Government to enforce such people move to hospitals or mental care centers to avoid further happenings.

Video of the boy is as follows:


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