200 Muslim houses burnt in India

Muslim Houses burnt in Meerut in India-ACE News

An anti-encroachment drive was initiated on March 6, by local authorities of Uttar Pradesh in Meerut and burnt 200 Muslim houses, arresting dozens of people.

As the Indian elections drew near, Indian Muslims faces serious challenges by the Government acts. The Muslims are tortured and forced to leave their houses.

They are alleged to have no identity despite of living their for years. The drive is only restricted to muslim majority areas, mainly to cool Indian conservatives and the opposition.

The authorities claim that the people burnt houses themselves and lived there illegally whereas the people rejects the claim saying authorities did so.

The investigation has been requested by the local Government. Apart from the houses, people have lost their belongings, properties in the area.

After the India-Pak recent conflict, where Pakistan has gained incredible support and good wishes India is referred to initiate war activities and report false. As a result of which Indian government is questioned by the opposition and public for their acts.

A moment of concentration is required by the International Human Rights and United Nations to grant right and peace to the people living in India.


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