Women Day 2019 celebrated remarkably across the world

Protests and celebrations were mounted across the world to celebrate International Women Day, 2019 today. Women stand together for their rights, perks and privileges.

“Do not say you are weak because you are a women” Marry Kom

Women day is celebrated on March 8, every Year. It started after the Socialist Party of America celebrated one Day for Women on February 28, 1909 in New York and it was decided to celebrate the day every year.

The day is dedicated purely to the rights and strengths of women who stand by each other. To help those who do not speak or stand, stand and fight for the deprived rights.

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azarbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, China and Mangolia, Russia, Nepal and many more has official holidays in the countries to praise the role of Women in their country.

It provides a confidence and power to the girls. Each year a new theme is generated on IWD. This year it holds as “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change. It aims to bring in advanced ideas to empower women, get their rights and make them equal in gender.

“Use your voice and you can affect change” Melinda Gates

Pakistan specifically needs to empower their women especially in rural areas where the situation poor, provide them the rights, show respect and love to you for they are to make your world and life easier!!


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