What are we going to lose by not attending 46th OIC summit?

Indian Prime Minister Sushma Sawarah arrived in Abu Dhabi on a two day invitation to attend the 46th OIC summit. India has been invited for the first time and because of the tension in two countries, Pakistani foreign minister refused to attend the meeting.

This might seem fair enough to a few people but it is very unfortunate to miss out the most important and world’s second largest inter-governmental organization meeting being a respectable member of the respective community.

Pakistan is struggling for its better image and peace message is spreading steadily. The International forums with 47 Muslim majority countries should have been utilized to extend its peace message, highlight the brutalities and atrocities within the borders. Where young and old, government and opposition, military and the whole nation ready to sacrifice why not initiating from the International forums.

The government and Foreign Minister needs to realize on missing out and think the other way just as the Prime Minister has set the peace examples.

The forum was to provide a table for two countries to sit and talk in the third place. Having an edge of Muslim majority issues among the two boundaries could be discussed and negotiated.


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