Reflective post of an Interview with Dr. Farooq Hasnat

An Interview on India-Pakistan tensions was conducted with Dr. Farooq Hasnat on February 27, 2019. It served as a milestone in accomplishing the real facts and reasons behind the situation.

The Interview took place inside the office of Dr. Farooq Hasnat who is the Professor at Forman Christian College and a Foreign Policy analyst. His interests involves writing on International issues, discussing foreign policy and local government issues which he briefs before the Interview.

The purpose of the Interview was to highlight the stats and credibility of the on-going situation and to create understanding and awareness among the people.

This Interview is a success and an eye-opener to the politics being played. The questions were formed accordingly, short and simple. All questions were answered accurately taking 45-50 seconds each. They were six starting with Pakistan’s retaliation against Indian pilots.

The tape crossed 25 minutes in recording the key elements, discussing narratives of other countries and International media stance. It ended up to plan negotiation talks sooner to reduce terror and began peace.

My experience was remarkable having opportunity to Interview my Teacher who has always been supportive and accommodating when it comes to students success and goodwill.

My epistemological research involves the active participation of Dr. Farooq Hasnat in the Voice of America where he clears the stance of Pakistan and the tension, anxiety which India is passing through.

I contacted Dr. Farooq Hasnat via email four days ago and after the approval of an appointment it was pleasure meeting such a nice and humble personality. He engaged himself in a splendid way and shared his articles on the particular topic after the Interview.


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