Interview “Dr. Farooq Hasnat”

Foreign Policy Analyst, Professor Dr. Farooq Hasnat

Interview with Dr. Farooq Hasnat on India-Pakistan current situation

Q1: What do you think problematizes India-Pak relations?

Ans: Major problem is Kashmir, the situation will be rising every time unless UN decides something for it. This time were the Presidential elections taking place in April, Modi Government wished to make people happy by attacking and defeating Pakistan.

Q2: How the stumbling blocs in the path of peaceful relations be averted?

Ans: War has never been a solution. The two countries are nuclear countries, war will cause massive destruction.

According to International Physicians for the prevention of Nuclear war research almost 20 million people will die, worldwide monsoon season affected, and 2.5 billion people injured. India owns 110-120 nuclear warheads while Pakistan 120-140.

Therefore, the two countries should negotiate and avoid war as it would affect not only the two countries but the world. Peace needs to be promoted and promised.

Q3: As the PM said Pakistan retaliated, did India learn something?

Ans: India got the clear message by its defeat as Pakistan retaliated immediately. The cold start theory which they believe will attack and run instantly went wrong. The next time India will think before doing such activity.

Also Indian opposition and International media has questioned Indian activities which is enough to teach lesson this time.

Q4: Is there any hope of resurrection between the arch rivals?

Ans: Indian Government needs to understand the need of an hour. There is no way to proxy wars or preemptive strikes to threat another. Pakistan is ready to start new era of progress India should also join hands together.

Q5: Do you consider International government and media has played their role well?

Ans: Yes, I am glad to see the performance and support for Pakistani soldiers throughout the world. The way International media has highlighted the matter and brought the evidence outside the world is amazing.

Similarly, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and France has invited both countries to come and negotiate.


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