India in tension or fear?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Four days before the Indian spy case was to be heard in ICJ, the news of Pulwama attack roared and Pakistan was blamed without the evidence.

The blame was strongly condemned by the Pakistani Prime Minster Imran Khan and warned India to restrain from further allegations. However, all this seems ignorant as Indian forces attacked LoC at the midnight. Luckily no destruction took place because of the immediate response by the Pak army.

We all know that Indian Presidential elections 2019 are approaching this April and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being evaluated and criticized at the same time. BJP faces tough time to win elections as the Indian lower and lower middle class protests for his policies and questions the money laundered.

India despite of having patience or accepting the negotiations offer by Pakistan, it is more interested in playing with the public. It fears to lose, lose the elections, lose integrity and lose his followers.

“If India retaliates, Pakistan will not think to retaliate. It will definitely retaliate the next minute” 

says PM Imran Khan. The courage and confidence are high among Pakistanis. Pakistan has to go a long way to to progress and productivity.

No fear or tension lies in the hearts of Pakistanis!!


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