Saudi Crown Prince Visit to Pakistan

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman arrived on a two day visit in Pakistan, on Sunday. He was greeted by the PM Imran Khan at the airport and given royal welcome with 21 gun-salute.

Here, the Prince successfully signed MoUs of worth $20 billion which would be spent in the fields of water, power, finance, renewable energy, culture, sports, and oil refinery. 40 top Saudi businessmen traveled with the prince to engage with the local businessmen and industrialists for mutual benefits.

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan with Saudi Crown Prince and Federal Ministers signing agreements in the Prime Minister House in Islamabad.

Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was headed to his first ever official visit to Asia where he started off from Pakistan. The visit holds its significance to both countries. Where, visiting Muslim and Middle East Asian countries was important for the Prince to hold his image after the Khashogi incident, globally.

It has served as a treat to developing countries like Pakistan to withstand its economic and energy crisis. Such initiative is welcomed warmly

The visit includes Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India in the plan but luckily Pakistan has been the first and with the most investment. This is the result of PM Khan’s dedication and hard work, on his first visit to Saudi Arabia right after becoming a Prime Minister. The Government should intelligently utilize the funds for the country and extend cooperation to the neighboring countries first.


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